Triennial Bruges 2024: Spaces of Possibility

From April 13 to September 1, 2024, Triennial Bruges Spaces of Possibility will once again take over the streets of Bruges with contemporary art and architecture. Together with twelve artists and architects, Triennial Bruges is looking for the city's dormant potential for its fourth edition.

  • How can a UNESCO-protected historic city, where preservation is central, deal with change and sustainability?
  • Which places are under or not used today?
  • How can we make maximum use of the city by using space in a different way?

Het parcours is zo opgesteld dat de centraal gelegen werken bezocht worden. De verder afgelegen werken kunnen nadien natuurlijk privé bezocht worden. We hebben een speciaal wandelparcours uitgewerkt voor deelnemers in rolstoelen, met een visuele en/of auditieve beperking.

Duration2 Hours
Bring along

Visuele beperking: We voorzien voelobjecten, Hoge Definitie foto's en stukjes van het gebruikte materiaal. De meeste werken mogen aangeraakt worden.

ParticipantsMaximum 16 visitors per guide.
Important information

This tour can be done on foot as well as by bike. If by bike, the visitor must bring his / her own bicycle.


Infopunt Triënnale Brugge
Hotel NH Brugge, Boeveriestraat, Brugge, België

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8000 - Bruges

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Triennial Bruges 2024: Spaces of Possibility is an invitation to leave the known terrain, gain inspiration and be amazed by how it also can be done. An exercise in imagination, a look at what Bruges and cities worldwide can be, today and in the future.

Triennial Bruges prepared a number of our enthusiastic, certified city guides to explore with your group the various contemporary art and architecture installations. They surprise you with facts and underlying stories, discuss the themes offered and encourage you to experience Bruges from a different perspective. With our high-quality guides, in collaboration with Triennial Bruges, we guarantee that extra experience.

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