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How do I become a Bruges influencer (through the ages)? #Careforagoodcover @AnnDB # DivorceIfIt'sNecessary @PetronellaV #ALoverDoesn’tHarm@MathildeL #DePowerOfTheWord @CarolineP #SlowPainting @GertrudeP #BecomeInfamouslyRich @ Marie-AnneV. And many others… Where History becomes a HER story.

  • HIS-story becomes HER-story
  • HIS-story becomes HER-story
  • Bruges women's history through the centuries
  • Bruges women's history through the centuries
  • Strong women in their time period
Duration2 Hours
ParticipantsThe number of participants in a group is limited to maximum 20
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S-wan is concerned with your safety. Please bring a mouth mask.


City Hall
Burg 12, Brugge, België

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8000 - Bruges

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Equal opportunities, glass ceiling, gender, you name it. Outdated or still current? Women's history is the subject of this walk. Based on concrete Bruges women's lives, we frame a number of women in their time period. With its possibilities but especially limitations. Women with drive and commitment, in completely different life situations. Her-story instead of his-story.

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