The garden of Hades

Thematic visit  to the Central Cemetery of Bruges around grave symbolism, led by an S-wan guide.

  • Quiet, green garden of the dead
  • Well-known tomb symbolism
  • Each grave monument tells a different story
Duration2 Hours
ParticipantsThe number of participants in a group is limited to 20 persons.
Important information

Please be at the appointment 10 minutes in advance (Large entrance Central Cemetery at the end of the Brugs-Kerkhofstraat) since the guide leaves promptly.

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Bruges Central Cemetery
Brugs-Kerkhofstraat, Brugge, België
Parking available on site

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8310 - Bruges

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Amen to being buried in and around the church! Joseph II, the Emperor-sexton, in 1784 issues the infamous ordinance on funerals. Not only is the “churchyard” now a banal “cemetery”, but the Bruges funeral rates are rising for a second time in less than 6 weeks. Game on! The Bruggeling strongly opposes now that death also becomes an expensive affair.

This is how the history of the “Rapestik” begins, where every funerary monument tells a story. Two hundred years of funerary history and cult of the dead await those who walk melancholically along the many corridors.

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