Bruges Water City

There is plenty of water in Bruges. You can't miss it. Bruges owes everything to the water: its origin, its prosperity, its ambition, its dreams. The water determines the character of the center of Bruges. Wealth in the Middle Ages, today the water brings charm and atmosphere.

  • Bruges and water, an inseparable duo.
  • Water then, water today.
  • Who says water says bridges.
Duration2 Hours
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Historium Bruges, Markt 1, Brugge, België

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8000 - Bruges

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Man overboard! No less than 23 times labourer Franciscus Van Quickelborné saved a drowning person (or his saviour) fallen into the Bruges’ canals. He was officially decorated in 1828. Hazardous for drunkards and suicidal persons, but obviously, these water veins turned out to be a matter of life and death for our city. A natural estuary brought wealth to the medieval metropole. Together with the Burgundians, luxury goods from all over the world found their way into the city. Napoleon dug a strategic canal to the river Scheldt. Bruges Sea Harbour is one of Europe’s fastest growing ports. And the Bruges’ canals? They still receive millions of visitors every year.

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